How can PushSend help me be compliant?


PushSend provides a variety of features and tools to help you remain compliant with GDPR. This includes:

  • Double Opt-In: In the List Manager you can mark any list as a Double Opt-In list. This means that any contacts added to this list will automatically receive an email with a confirmation link. They must click this link to re-confirm that they have given consent to receive email communications from you.
  • Unsubscribe Links: We require every email you send to have an Unsubscribe link, which should allow the recipient to easily opt-out from the list.
  • Update Profile Links: We also include an Update Profile link with every email you send. This link will allow recipients to update their information.
  • Contact Details: In our List Manager we enable you to collect and store a variety of information for each contact. The information can be updated to comply with a user’s right to The information can also be exported to PDF and emailed to a user to comply with the right of access. In addition, we also record when a contact opted-in so you have proof of consent.
  • Delete from Database: You can easily delete a contact from all lists they are on in the List Manager, which will totally remove them from the system.
  • Compliant Web Forms: We include on all forms a section for adding a message about the user accepting your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can edit this section to use whatever language you require and include links to your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You also have the ability to add an opt-in checkbox to your form to obtain clear consent from a contact.

Also, there are a few other things you should do to ensure compliance with GDPR.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain consent from your contacts to collect their personal data. So, make sure all your emails, landing pages and forms include a way for contacts to provide consent, whether it’s via double opt-in emails or providing an opt-in/out checkbox on a form.

In addition, you should review your own Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and ensure that they provide proper notice that your contacts personal data will be transferred to PushSend. For example, you may want to consider updating your Privacy Policy to include language that identifiesPushSend as one of your processors.

Also, if you integrate PushSend with any external platforms, such as Salesforce, make sure to consider the ramifications of sending your contacts personal data into those systems. Find out if you need to take any additional action to ensure your compliance with the GDPR.

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