How can I comply with CASL?


PushSend is set up to help you comply with CASL.

  • PushSend’s Terms of Service requires that for any contacts you upload/add to the system you have consent from those contacts to send them email communications. In order to upload contacts to the system you must agree that you have obtained the consent of each contact.
  • When you sign up for PushSend you must verify your email address. Also, any additional Senders you add must also have their email addresses verified. This way your Sender names and email addresses accurately identify the sender of the email.
  • For each contact you are able to record that you have permission to email them and when permission was obtained (when they opted-in).
  • PushSend requires that you enter your business address in the system, and we display that address on all emails.
  • On every email you send to we display a required Unsubscribe link, which will allow the recipient to easily opt-out from your list(s).
  • On every email you send to we also display an Update Profile link so contacts can update their preferences. When they update/change their subscription preferences it counts as express consent.
  • In the List Manager you can mark any list as a Double Opt-In list. This means that any contacts added to this list will automatically receive an email with a confirmation link. They must click this link to re-confirm that they have given consent to receive email communications from you.
  • We include on all forms a section for adding a message about the user accepting your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can edit this section to use whatever language you require and include links to your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You also have the ability to add an opt-in checkbox to your form to obtain clear consent from a contact.
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