How can I comply with the CAN-SPAM Act?


Many of the same ways PushSend helps you comply with CASL also apply to complying with the CAN-Spam Act.

  • When you sign up for PushSend you must verify your email address. Also, any additional Senders you add must also have their email addresses verified. This way your Sender names and email addresses accurately identify the sender of the email.
  • PushSend requires that you enter your postal address in your profile and we display that address on all emails.
  • On every email you send to we display a required Unsubscribe link, which will allow the recipient to easily opt-out from your list(s).
  • When contacts unsubscribe or opt-out Envyte automatically removes them from your list(s). This enables you to automatically honor opt-out requests.

In addition, some other things to consider are:

  • In creating your email, you must be sure to craft a subject line that is not misleading or deceptive. Don’t promise a 50% discount in your subject line then make no mention of it in your email.
  • If your email contains an advertisement, make sure that it is clear that the message is an ad. You can do this in a number of ways, such as including small print at the bottom of the email. However, somewhere in your email, you need to make it clear that the email is an advertisement
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