Why aren’t my contacts receiving my emails?


There are several reasons why your emails may not be reaching your recipients:

  • The simplest reason may be your emails are getting sent to their spam/junk folders. If this is the case just ask your recipients to check their junk folder for your emails and then mark them as “Not Junk” or "Not Spam". Depending on the email client they use there are different methods to mark an email as not spam/junk.


  • Their company might use specific security measures or firewalls that could prevent your email from being successfully delivered. If this happens, ask your contacts to have your email address unblocked or added to a safe senders list. The method to do this will vary depending on the antivirus or firewall software being used.


  • Your emails are getting marked as spam by a spam filter and blocked. To ensure your emails are not flagged as spam you should: make sure you have express permission to email your contacts; make sure your subject line is not misleading; use a clear sender address; use clean clear copy in your emails and provide contacts with valuable content; clean your email lists of any email addresses that have not engaged with your campaigns in a while; and ask contacts to whitelist your email address. 

If this is an ongoing issue please contact us at support@pushsend.com so we can help ensure you’re getting the best delivery rates.

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