What happens if I go over my plan limits?


Your Billing Information tab displays your plan and the number of email sends, contacts, landing pages and lead gen forms you have remaining until you reach your limit.

When you are nearing any of the limits in your selected plan you will receive an email notification informing you that you are close to exceeding the limits of your plan.

If you have 50,000 contacts or fewer your monthly billing is based on the plan you’ve selected and your total contact count. PushSend automatically adjusts your billing as your list grows and shrinks, based on your highest contact total across all lists over the previous billing cycle. So, if you exceed your limit you will move to the next pricing tier and be charged accordingly.

For example, say you have the Newbie plan with 2,000 contacts and you’re paying $30 a month. In June you go over your limit of contacts, which means you will have reached the next available list size limit – 2,001-2,500 contacts at $35 a month. So, for July you will be billed $35 for the next level of contacts.

If you have over 50,000 contacts your monthly billing is based on the plan you’ve selected and both your subscriber count and send volume. Your send limit equals 10 times the maximum number of subscribers in a pricing tier.

You can increase the number of contacts in your existing plan or upgrade your PushSend plan at any time by going to the Billing Information tab under My Account.

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