What is a custom domain?


A custom domain is a URL that is uniquely branded with your company or product name. It’s basically your own personalized URL. For example, our custom domain is PushSend.com.

A custom domain, also known as a vanity URL, can serve as your distinct identity on the internet. It helps you maintain brand unity and gives you improved exposure on search engines. A custom domain helps you look more professional with customers and promotes your website and company.

When you create a landing page PushSend automatically generates a URL for the page - for example, http://pages.pushsend.com/your-company/landing-page-name. But with a custom domain the landing page URL will be generated with your own domain - http://yourcompany.com/landing-page-name.

For email, when you use a custom domain for your From email address (e.g., john@yourcompany.com) it improves the deliverability of your email campaigns. Otherwise, if you use a free email provider for your email sender we add an extension to your From email address. This will ensure the From email address will match the domain the email is being sent from and thus help deliverability. For free users we add the extension tier1.pushsendmail.com. For all paid users we add the extension pro.pushsendmail.com.

So, for example, if the email address you sign up with is john.doe@gmail.com, it will become john.doe.gmail.com@pro.pushsendmail.com

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