Do I need a custom domain to send emails?


You don’t need your own domain to send emails. You can use a personal account from a free email provider such as @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, etc. But we don’t recommend it. You would be better off with a custom domain.

To give your email the best possible chance to reach your contact’s inbox, it is better to have an email address that features your company or product/service name. (e.g., or Sending email from a domain that you don’t control is often a tactic employed by spammers and phishers. So, when bulk emails are sent with a "From" address of a free email provider many ISPs view these email addresses as more suspicious than those from custom domains.

Also, having a custom branded domain helps you maintain brand unity and gives you an email address that is more recognizable to your contacts. In addition, creating an email address at a domain that you own enables you to start building up your own domain reputation. The better your sending reputation is the better your deliverability rate will be.

If you do use a free email provider we add an extension to your From email address. This will ensure the From email address will match the domain the email is being sent from and thus help deliverability. For free users we add the extension For all paid users we add the extension

So, for example, if the email address you sign up with is, it will become


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