What is PushSend's anti-spam policy?


PushSend has a zero-tolerance spam policy and prohibits users from sending unsolicited emails in any form while using the service. When you agree to our Terms of Service you are agreeing to not use the Services to send messages to any recipient without the recipient’s affirmative consent or in any manner that violates anti-spam laws.

Spamming through the PushSend service can affect all of our customers as high levels of abuse threatens our white-listed status with internet service providers. This means that spamming can affect the deliverability rate of all our other customers.

If a contact marks your email as spam in their email client we will immediately remove that contact from your list(s). If the number of spam complaints against you reaches our threshold, you will receive a warning. If your spam complaint rates exceed our threshold your PushSend account will be suspended and our team will conduct an investigation into your list collection process.

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