How do I use the landing page designer?


Our intuitive Landing Page Designer makes it simple to create custom landing pages, either from scratch or by using one of our professionally designed templates. The Designer has drag-and-drop editing features that allow you to add content, images, forms and layouts to your landing page.

The Landing Page Designer features a variety of elements, which can be used to create a landing page. There are:

  • Content Blocks: Content Blocks allow you to add text, images, videos, social icons and more to a landing page. Each Content Block has its own toolbar, which enables you to make edits and customizations to the block such as font size, colors, borders, alignment, etc.
  • Shapes: You can add a variety of shapes to a landing page to enhance the content presentation. For example, you could highlight an image by placing it in a box or call attention to an offer by placing text in a hexagon.
  • Form: This can be used to create custom forms on your landing page. The Form element includes a variety of form fields to enable you to customize your form to your needs.

Unlike the Email Designer, where you have to drag and drop blocks into sections, the Landing Page Designer allows you to place content anywhere you want in the design canvas.

To help you align elements to a specific place on your landing page you can turn on the Grid feature. When the Grid is on, any element you move around will snap to the grid lines. There are also smart guide lines that appear when you move a block, which help you align elements to each other both vertically and horizontally.

There are global settings, which can be used to add color or an image to the entire landing page. You can also set the global font and font size for the landing page.

If you want specific elements on your landing page to be grouped together for the mobile view you can use the Group block. Any content elements that are within a Group block will stay together as a group when you switch to the mobile view. (see "How do I use the Group block?")

You can also work with layers. Each content block has Layers settings at the bottom, which allows you to make content blocks appear behind or in front of one another. For example, if you have an image and a button and you decide you want to put them in a box, you can add the box on top of the image and button and then move it to the background.

You can duplicate a block by clicking the Duplicate icon in the Layers settings. You can also hold down the Option button on your keyboard and move the block with your mouse to duplicate it.

While working on your landing page if you make a mistake or accidentally delete something you can use the Undo and Redo controls in the top bar of the Landing Page Designer to help you out.

You can toggle between the desktop view and the mobile view of your landing page by clicking the Desktop and Mobile icons in the top bar of the Landing Page Designer. You can also switch between the regular view and full screen view of your landing page by clicking the Full Screen icon in the top bar of the Landing Page Designer.

In addition, if you want to remove all the elements from you landing page and start over from scratch you can click the Clear Content icon in the top bar of the Landing Page Designer.

To Learn more about the Landing Page Designer check out this video.

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