How do I create a landing page?


To create a landing page:

  1. In the main menu, click the Landing Pages link
  2. Click the Create Landing Page button
  3. Enter the landing page Name
  4. Choose Regular and click the Create button
  5. Select a landing page template or choose to start from scratch
  6. In the Landing Page Designer, select the Page Settings tab
  7. Go to the Customize Page URL field and edit your landing page URL (optional)
    • You can edit the end string of the URL
  8. Fill out the SEO Attribute fields
  9. Enter your Google Analytics ID and/or Facebook Pixel ID (optional)
  10. Select the button(s) or form(s) you want to use to track conversions
  11. Select the Design tab, and design/create your landing page
  12. When you are finished designing your landing page click the Save button to save your landing page as a draft or the Publish button to make your page live
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